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Who We Are

Simplicity Accounting is a boutique financial management firm that provides bookkeeping, tax preparation, and accounting system services for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

From systems integration and software setup, to entrepreneurial advice and forecasting, Simplicity Accounting gives their clients the clear financial insight they need to put their minds at ease, and their dreams to work.

Managing corporate finances isn't easy. But it can be simple.
Founder / CPA
Janeen Smith-Hughes


We keep track of our client’s cash flow so that they can run their businesses - not their balance sheets. After all, if you were an accountant ... you wouldn't need us!
We work with each of our clients to help them find and implement the tools and methods that give them the clear, concise financial outlook they need.
We use our deep knowledge of the complex, constantly changing tax laws to make sure that our clients file accurate tax returns - on time, every time.
Simplicity analyzes and strategizes with its clients to refine corporate structures and build business practices that help them pay no more than their fair share of taxes.
We’re a small business too, so we know what it takes to turn a big dream into a reality. Simplicity meets hard work and entrepreneurial spirit with sound advice, access to resources, and the overall “leg up” that people need to become their own boss.

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